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Still Alive

Hey guys, we haven't posted any updates in a while and I just wanted to reassure you, we haven't given up, we're just working on something a bit more reliable and comprehensive. This was originally just an app for us to use at work and it quickly evolved into something more. Now that we see a common need we'll be making something a little more reliable and featureful so stay tuned! Thanks for the support :)

Important Notice!

This project was initially something that was just used by a couple of us personally. We're now getting a lot of traffic, which is great, and we'd love to make sure we take care of everyone. There are some issues reported which we will resolve as soon as possible so as not to waste the attention and support you guys are showing us. Thanks go to LifehackerAddictive Tips and everyone else who has been spreading the word about our application! Your support means a lot, we won't let you guys down! If you want to ensure speedy development, why not show us some support and donate?


We have a new version online that addresses some issues with users who did not have Firefox installed. This version also has an update notifier so you can automatically be aware when new versions are available. There is still a complication when trying to install flash from within the player, but until we have that sorted out, if the player starts but says you need flash, click here and choose Windows in the first dropdown, then choose the version for "Other Browsers" in the second dropdown. 

Project Description
A desktop client for Google Music that supports minimize to tray with a draggable playback control bar and support for multimedia keys. The application is fairly simple; the screenshots below will tell most of the tale. For information on the available command line controls and descriptions of the features visit the Documentation page.

Any suggestions, feature requests or bugs should be reported in the Issue Tracker. We have already have a couple improvements we'll be working on in the near future, so be sure to check back.

Free Software

This software is made available for free. If you like it and want to see continued support, please consider donating. Also, please don't forget to rate/review your download, and while you're at it, tell your friends!


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 Mini Player

Main Player

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